Facial Skin Care

Facial Skin Care

Facial Skin Care

What exactly is the BestOfSkinCare.com's Facial Skin Care products line? It is our truly superior approach to skin care that uniquely combines science and nature. Designed to purify, cleanse and protect skin exposed to the sun, wind and environmental pollutants, it is symbolized by the beautiful lotus which grows out of deep, still waters.
We use state-of-the-art technology to extract and concentrate natural ingredients that contain aloe vera, antioxidants and vitamins to benefit the skin so it will look softer, smoother and younger. Dermatologist tested, the product line is created to be equally effective for women and men and is suitable for all types of skin.
Our Facial Skin Care Programs work fast! With consistent use of the products, you'll see and feel a dramatic difference within a short period of time. As your skin improves, you can't help but feel more confident and self-assured!

Basic Facial Skin Care

The three most important steps to maintaining healthy skin are cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Cleansing allows the skin to feel refreshed and clean without a feeling of tightness or dryness, toning skin leaves skin smooth and clean, and moisturizing satisfies your skin's thirst. Comes in Hydrating for dry, Balancing for combination, and Oil-Free for oily skin.
  • Cleanser - helps wash away dirt and oil and keeps skin looking healthy. Works to clean the skin so it feels revitalized and rejuvenated.
  • Toner - helps remove the last traces of dirt, bacteria, and cleanser. While it's the second step in the daily skin-care regimen, toning is just as important as the first.
Moisturizer - the third and final step in an essential skin-care regimen (after cleansing and toning), providing your skin with protection from UV rays, along with nutrients and natural moisture so it looks supple and moist.

QuickStart Facial Skin Care

  • Consists of the Basic Facial Skin Care Program, plus...
  • Hydrating Eye Cream - specially formulated with a gentle multi-botanical complex to soothe skin. This complex is designed specifically for the wrinkle-prone eye area.
  • Gentle Exfoliant - gently scrubs away dead skin cells to reveal younger-looking skin. Combines natural plant extracts of peach and white lily to soften skin, chamomile to soothe, balm mint for deep-cleansing antiseptic properties, and vitamin E to provide moisture. Tiny rounded micro poly beads help slough off old skin cells, while moisturizing ingredients immediately soften the new cells that surface.
ADVANCED Facial Skin Care

This Advanced Program works day and night to help your skin with deeper purification and replenishment.
  • Contains all the components of the QuickStart Facial Skin Care Program, plus...
  • Night Companion - refreshes your skin while you sleep so that you wake up with a more youthful-looking appearance. Formulated with vitamin A for deep rehydration and conditioning as you rest. Combines essential oils with other emollient-rich ingredients to soothe and nourish your skin’s cells. The result is finer, more supple and radiant skin. Combines aloe vera for anti-aging properties with vitamins to fight skin-damaging free radicals and natural oils to soften and moisturize.
  • Mystic Mask for deep facial cleansing. Works by penetrating deep into skin to lift away embedded impurities that soap and water can’t remove. This silt-based facial mask draws out pollutants and other substances that can clog pores and cause breakouts.
ULTIMATE Facial Skin Care

There’s a good reason why we call this the Ultimate Program – it’s the most complete way to the beautiful and ageless skin. We add two exclusive products that are specifically designed to further combat the signs of aging by diminishing dry skin, puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  • Includes all the components of the ADVANCED Facial Skin Care Program, plus...
  • Day Defense - protects your skin against the sun’s damaging rays and environmental pollutants. Smoothes soften and refresh the skin. This ultralight lotion also contains a sun protection factor (SPF) of 10 to protect your complexion from damaging UV rays. Day Defense combines a continuous time-release system with free-radical-fighting vitamins to encourage clear, smooth, healthy skin.
  • Revitalizing Night Complex - helps your skin rediscover its youthful strength and resilience. Through a targeted lipoceutical delivery system, Revitalizing Night Complex helps hydrate skin as you sleep. This exclusively formulated lotion penetrates the skin to rejuvenate cells and provide extra moisture. You’ll wake up with a refreshed, softer complexion. Improves skin elasticity and texture, and moisturizes to prevent collagen breakdown. It also protects the skin from free-radical damage.

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